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Things You May Not Know About Being Creative

Being a creative person is hard.

It’s especially hard if you spend most of your day surrounded by non-creative people*. I find it to be difficult because I feel as though non-creatives don’t “get” me so I turn to my creative outlet to express myself instead of expressing myself to my friends.

But why is that?

Creative people are different. There is no doubt about it. Creative people tend to be more complex and can show contradicting personality traits which can make it difficult to connect with non-creative people.

Here are some things you should know about being creative!

*I believe everyone is creative. “Non-creative” people just haven’t tapped into their creativity yet!

Want to know what makes creative people tick? Find out things you may not know about being creative. | Ilona Toth Creative

Disclaimer: These are some things that I have noticed about myself or other creative people I know. I would hate to generalize and say that ALL creatives are like this. Some of my observations might apply to you, they might not. I’d love to have a conversation about some things you notice and how they might be different from things I have noticed. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

Creative minds never stop.

There is always something running through their brain whether it’s thoughts about their current project, they’re thinking about their next project, or they might be thinking about three different projects all at once.

Their minds not only never stop, but they also move very quickly. I frequently have gone from thinking about writing one article to what painting I want to work on next, back to the article, and then on to what I want for dinner all in a matter of seconds. Thoughts move quickly in and out which can be a blessing or a curse.

Creative minds can forget things easily.

It can be seriously (Full honesty here, I started typing this sentence, got distracted by something, and forgot what was supposed to come next. 😱)

Anyway, it happens easily. If I think about an article I want to write, I have to write it down immediately otherwise, it is very possible I will forget it because of how quickly my mind will move on to thinking about the next thing. I also can’t tell you how many times I read a text message from a friend, tell myself I will respond to it later, and then completely forget to respond at all.

It can be frustrating from the perspective of a creative person and their non-creative friend. So if you have a friend who seems to forget things frequently, don’t get mad at them! They aren’t doing it on purpose! Be understanding and send them kind reminders. Unless you have the type of relationship where you can be total jerks to each other then go ahead and do what works for you! 😝

Another side effect of a non-stop mind is the ridiculous amount of daydreaming that goes on in a creative person’s mind.

I’m not sure how often the average person daydreams, but I definitely feel like I daydream way more than that. Sometimes it’s the usual stuff: winning a million dollars, giving an acceptance speech after I win the Best Actress Oscar, going on a date with that super cute cashier, but sometimes it’s something completely random and I don’t even know where it came from. I wish I could give you an example of what I’m talking about but seriously, it’s so random I can’t even think of anything!

With their minds being in overdrive so frequently, daydreaming is a great way to let the imagination do it’s thing and run wild.

They observe everything.

I have often been described as being shy from people who don’t know me very well but that is not the case. Usually, if I’m in an unfamiliar situation, or I don’t know many people, I am quiet but it’s not because I’m shy, it’s because I’m observing.

Creative people can easily fade into the background and observe what is going around them whether it’s people watching or just seeing the world around them. It helps them see all the moving pieces, helps them understand the world better and serves as inspiration for their art.

Creative people feel things more deeply.

When I was younger, I thought it was ~cool~ to refer to myself as a “robot” meaning I didn’t have any feelings. As I get older, I realize that is absolutely ridiculous.

It’s not cool to not care about things or have no emotions.

I have a lot of emotions and I often feel a lot of things at once. (If I had a nickel for every time I got emotional while listening to Hamilton, I would have a lot of nickels!) My creative outlet helps me process those emotions so I’m not just a huge emotional mess.

Feeling emotions more deeply helps creative people tap into the human experience and create a more meaningful experience with their art. Instead of just painting a picture of a flower, they can paint the feeling a person gets when they look at a flower or even make it feel as though you are there smelling that flower. Writers create more relatable characters when they write with emotion because as a reader, you have emotion and you want to be able to connect with the story.

Creative people can find ways to connect with other people they have nothing in common with. They can empathize and see different points of views.


All of those things going on inside a creative person’s mind can be exhausting which is why

Creative people need their alone time.

Being around people is exhausting. And it’s not necessarily because they hate it (although some might). I love being around my friends but I can only do it for a certain amount of time before I need to go home and recharge.

It’s part of the complexity and contradictory nature of a creative person’s personality. They can be both introverted and extroverted. A social butterfly who loves to spend time alone. (Seriously, that’s me in a nutshell.)

Being able to spend time alone is how creative people can take all of that information they absorbed from being out in the world, and observing everything, and turn it into their art whatever form it may be.

As a friend to a creative person, be understanding if they need to cancel plans on your or if they head home from an event early. They might have just run out of energy and need to recharge!

Did some of these things about creative people describe you even though you don’t consider yourself a creative person? Drop a comment below and tell me about it!


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