Friday Art Crawl: Vicki Wallis

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Every Friday, I like to feature a different artist and their work. Sometimes you’ll even see my own artwork featured. It’s a nice way to get to know different artists, their creative process, and the story behind some of their works of art.

It’s Friday Art Crawl!

Meet Vicki Wallis of 29andSeptember. This week's featured artist on Friday Art Crawl. | Ilona Toth Creative

This week’s artist is Vicki Wallis of 29andSeptember based in Derbyshire, England. Vicki offers event planning and design services, online styling, fashion design, production consulting, and more!

“I live by the phrase 'every day is a gift, that's why we call it the present'. This is why my business focuses on products for events, as I like to help others enjoy time with friends and family. I also find it much more rewarding designing something for someone with something to celebrate, it's nice to think that my design might be part of someone’s big day.”

Art and creativity are a huge part of Vicki’s life. She has been a crafter for as long as she can remember, painting and drawing ever since she was young. She worked in the fashion industry for a while before starting her own business six years ago.

“I consider myself really lucky that I get to do something I enjoy every day. Sure there are difficult times, but there's also a lot of days where I'm sitting with a paintbrush making a mess and loving every minute of it. Even when I'm not working, if I'm just out in nature or doing some shopping, I can't help but be inspired by something!”
 Photo courtesy of Vicki Wallis.

Photo courtesy of Vicki Wallis.

29andSeptember provides everything you need for a beautiful event, from planning & design services to stationary & signage, a stylish clutch bag for the day, as well as unique gift ideas. All of Vicki’s designs are completely customizable like this gorgeous tribal inspired design.

“I lived in Australia for several years and it was recently the first day of Spring for the southern hemisphere. My friends in Melbourne had been chatting to me about looking forward to days in the sun, so I wanted to make a colourful and fun invitation design that can be customised to an individual's event. I started by doing some rough paintings to choose a colour scheme and then found inspiration in tribal art. I developed a pattern from basic shapes and added my bold colour scheme in Photoshop.”
 Photo courtesy of Vicki Wallis.

Photo courtesy of Vicki Wallis.

Vicki has more than lived up to her last name, Wallis, which means nomadic. She has lived in several different cities over the last 10 years and has many more on her list! She loves to visit new places and finds travel relaxing and inspiring.

You can reach Vicki by email or by visiting her website.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this week’s Friday Art Crawl featured artist! Make sure you check out last week’s feature: Sun and Moon Painting Set.

Have a great weekend!


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