Friday Art Crawl: Hamilton Inspired Paintings

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Every Friday, I like to feature a different artist and their work. Sometimes you’ll even see my own artwork featured. It’s a nice way to get to know different artists, their creative process, and the story behind some of their works of art.

It’s Friday Art Crawl!

Get a load of these original paintings inspired by the Broadway musical Hamilton! | Ilona Toth Creative

Have you ever experienced something that just completely rocked your world and turned everything upside-down?

That is what happened to me the first time I listened to Hamilton in October 2015.

I’ve always been a musical fan and a hip-hop fan so when I heard there was a hip-hop musical about to start its Broadway run I just had to hear it. Luckily, the Original Broadway Cast Recording had just been released and it was even available to stream free for a limited time.

And boy, did I take advantage of that free streaming.

From the moment I hit play on that album my life changed. It was strange but the more I listened to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius songwriting, the more I felt at home.

I couldn’t get this musical out of my head and less than a week after my first listen I had bought a ticket to see the show. I had never been to New York City before yet after listening to Hamilton for only a few days I was compelled to make a trip.

Fast forward a couple months to December when I decided to take up painting again. I still couldn’t get that musical out of my head and it showed in my painting.

Over the past year I have painted a handful of Hamilton inspired paintings and they have definitely been some of my favorites.

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It’s Quiet Uptown is an emotional song that gets me every time. When I listen to it I picture a quiet starry night which is what inspired this canvas set.

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Of course, no Hamilton collection would be complete without one of the most quoted and most iconic lines from the show. I can’t help but feel pumped up and motivated after listening to this song so this piece is a great visual reminder to go after what you want.

The Chicago company of Hamilton recently had their opening night so to celebrate I decided to offer these two paintings in a Limited Edition run. There are only going to be five of each so get them while you can!

And if you haven’t heard the album yet you can grab the two-disc set here! (This is an affiliate link.) Prepare to have your world rocked.

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