Friday Art Crawl: Erin Hollon

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Every Friday, I like to feature a different artist and their work. Sometimes you’ll even see my own artwork featured. It’s a nice way to get to know different artists, their creative process, and the story behind some of their works of art.

It’s Friday Art Crawl!

Get to know this week's Friday Art Crawl featured artist: Erin Hollon of Lula May Designs. She handcrafts natural stone jewelry with an elegant Southern flair. | Ilona Toth Creative

This week’s artist is Erin Hollon of Lula May Design, a handcrafted jewelry company based in Brooklyn, New York.

Erin was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and after stops in Nashville, Tennessee and Princeton, New Jersey, she’s finally settled down in Brooklyn. She will always consider herself a Southern Belle and draws inspiration from her Southern family.

“The name Lula May honors my Southern Heritage, and, more specifically, my great grandmother and great aunt- both strong, beautiful, and creative southern women.”

Erin has been creating for several years and lived a previous creative life as a classical flautist. (Which is insanely cool, by the way.) Unfortunately, an injury caused Erin to give up her music career and she turned to visual arts for a creative outlet.

For the past three years, Erin has been drawing and painting with ink and watercolor but this past year she branched out into jewelry design. Inspired by the beauty found in nature, Erin uses many raw stones along with brass or copper wire to design her jewelry and eventually would like to incorporate watercolor.

“I love working with natural gemstones and copper or brass wire. I love to take the beauty given to me in the form of raw stone, and then to channel that beauty into a complete design. I often allow the stone and wire to lead my hand in a natural rhythm, much like a painter allows the subject to determine the painting. All of my jewelry designs have a natural unstudied air that defines my style as an artist.”
 Photo courtesy of Erin Hollon.

Photo courtesy of Erin Hollon.

This elegant necklace was handcrafted from a raw amethyst point surrounded by an energy field of warm copper wire. I highlight the rawness of the amethyst by bringing the wire closure to the very front of the piece, allowing you to see exactly how it’s "made." The warm tones of the copper balance against the deep purple of the small stone for a royal, yet dainty overall effect.

Amethysts are known as the crystal of inner peace, and they exude this sense of calm through deep purple tones radiating from their core. Amethysts are also known as the Artist's stone for their ability to enhance focus and creativity. They can even help you rearrange information to come to new, inspired conclusions.”

All of Erin’s pieces at Lula May Design are one-of-a-kind and handmade in her Brooklyn apartment. She believes buying handmade is special and tries to give her customers a memorable experience. All of her jewelry ships in a gift box with a hand-painted jewelry backer. She also will include a handwritten note if the item is being shipped as a gift!

 Photo courtesy of Erin Hollon.

Photo courtesy of Erin Hollon.

Erin’s favorite TV show is Murder, She Wrote. She’s seen every episode at least four times and wants to be just like Angela Lansbury when she grows up!

You can contact Erin on Etsy, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, by email or on her website. You can also see her artwork on Instagram.

Thank you for checking out this week’s Friday Art Crawl featured artist! Make sure you check out last week’s artist: Madeleine Raiford-Holland.

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