Friday Art Crawl: Custom Pet Portraits

Happy #FriYay!!!

Every Friday, I like to feature a different artist and their work. Sometimes you’ll even see my own artwork featured. It’s a nice way to get to know different artists, their creative process, and the story behind some of their works of art.

It’s Friday Art Crawl!

custom pet portraits.jpg

You know what is one of my absolute favorite things to do?

Custom work.

I’ve heard artists say they hate it because they would rather paint what they feel or paint in their own style but there is something about working with a client and creating something together that is just so meaningful.

One thing I’ve come to love about doing custom work is custom pet portraits. I don’t do anything fancy, just some fun little minis on 4in x 4in canvases but it’s so much fun! I enjoy the challenge of capturing a pet’s personality in such a small space.

If you’re at a loss for what to get the pet lover in your family for the upcoming holidays, a custom pet portrait makes a great solution.

Photos are easy but it takes some great thought and consideration to commission a one of a kind portrait.

Each custom pet portrait is painted on a solid background on a 4in x 4in canvas. No fancy hanging hardware needed! Just put a nail in the wall and hang it up!

Head over to the gallery to purchase yours now! Don’t wait until the last minute for holiday gifts!

If you want something in a different size or a different custom painting all together head over to the commissions page for more details.

This week's Friday Art Crawl was short and sweet. Make sure you check out last week's featured artist: Vicki Wallis of 29andSeptember.

Have a great weekend!


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