Friday Art Crawl: Allie Bigoness

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Every Friday, I like to feature a different artist and their work. Sometimes you’ll even see my own artwork featured. It’s a nice way to get to know different artists, their creative process, and the story behind some of their works of art.

It’s Friday Art Crawl!

Get to know the artist, their creative process, and the story behind their art with Friday Art Crawl. This week it's artist Allie Bigoness of Allie Explores.

This week’s artist is Allie Bigoness. She is the lovely lady behind Allie Explores and the owner of Allie Crafts Art.

 Photo courtesy of Allie Bigoness.

Photo courtesy of Allie Bigoness.

A little bit about Allie:

Art has always been a constant in her life. Growing up she had a wall dedicated to her artwork that was always covered. (Horses were her absolute favorite!) She also loved painting ceramics, in fact, she loved it so much she had her birthday party at a ceramics studio three years in a row! (How fun does that sound!?)

Allie’s dream job was to be an animator at Disney or a story artist at Pixar. Like many other artists, she realized how difficult it can be to have a career in a creative industry, and even though she studied public health in college she always made time for creativity by making gifts from projects she found on Pinterest for her boyfriend. (What a lucky guy!)

When Allie graduated college she realized she needed more of a creative outlet so she started her blog, Allie Explores.

From her About Me:

“So what you can expect from me here on this blog of mine is what I am exploring. I don’t just mean adventures and traveling (but I do hope there is a lot of this!), but also exploring my interests and creativity like painting, fashion, trying calligraphy, or anything else I decide to give a go. I want to be able to share what I explore and what inspires me in order to be able to hopefully inspire others with my creative ideas, thoughts, and experiences.”

Even though her blog was a great creative outlet, Allie craved more. She made it her New Year’s Resolution to explore more of her creativity, and after taking a few “paint and sip” classes, she found that she had a secret talent in painting. She paints in an impressionist/abstract style with a cartoon twist working mostly with acrylics.

This Abstract Taxi painting was the first time she experimented with gradients and blending.

 Photo courtesy of Allie Bigoness.

Photo courtesy of Allie Bigoness.

Size: 16x20in
Medium: Acrylic
Year: 2016

What Allie says about this painting:

“Ever since my first trip to New York I instantly fell in love, I became obsessed with taxis not only because it reminds me of my favorite city but because they remind me of adventure and traveling. When I see a taxi I feel inspired to make my travel and adventure cravings a reality.”

What I say about this painting:

I love it! I tend to favor the abstract/impressionist style myself and can appreciate each artist’s unique approach. I thoroughly enjoy looking at Allie’s art because of the fun and whimsical feeling each piece gives off. Her Abstract Taxi painting makes me instantly think of New York and how even in one of the busiest cities in the world it’s still possible to find some tranquility.


Allie Bigoness is based in San Francisco and you can find her at the Pancakes and Booze Art Show on August 27th.

Other ways to connect with Allie: Email - Instagram - Twitter

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Friday Art Crawl! Come back next week to see another great artist!

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