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Friday Art Crawl - Love is Love

Happy #FriYay!

Every Friday, I feature my artwork or the artwork of a fellow artist to explore the creative process and hear the story behind beautiful works of art. It’s Friday Art Crawl!

Friday Art Crawl: Love is Love - Ilona Toth Creative

This week, I’m talking about one of my paintings that has a very special meaning to me.

Back in June, when a Gay nightclub was attacked, something in me sparked. I was angry. I was sad. I was scared. I felt in such a way that I didn't even have the proper word to describe it. I had so many emotions whirling around that I needed to get something off my chest or I wasn’t going to be able to function.

It took me several attempts but I was able to write out some of my thoughts in a personal essay, and I was able to say something that I had not said to many people at all. And after I got my emotions out in words, I took up a paintbrush to get my emotions out that way.

What resulted was this painting:

I was inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s sonnet from his Tony acceptance speech, in particular, the line “And love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside.” So I didn’t plan any of the design out, I just let my paintbrush do all the work, and let my emotions guide my hand.

I selected my color palette to show pride and solidarity with the LGBTQ community and to support them in their time of need. In addition, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to charities supporting the LGBTQ community.

I’m a strong believer in giving back and helping those in need, so I try to do whatever I can with whatever I have.

Since starting this initial painting, I have been working on more pieces to develop a collection to spread joy and love to those who need it most. The second in this collection is a set of painted wood slices that together say “Love.”

Most of the time when I create art, I am creating for myself and hope that someone might find joy, but with this collection my art has become more than me. It has become about creating a world where no one is afraid to be who they are and creating a safe place for everyone no matter who they love.

That’s it for today’s Friday Art Crawl!

Check back next week to see what lovely art I’ll be featuring!