Friday Art Crawl

Happy #FriYay!

In an effort to explore my art and my creative journey I’m am introducing Friday Art Crawl! Each week I’ll be highlighting one of my pieces of art and what it means to me. I’ll be telling the story of the piece and giving a little bit of insight to my artistic process and creative journey. These stories will more often than not be very personal since art is such a personal part of me.

Friday Art Crawl - Ilona Toth Creative

This week I’ll be starting with a painting that I did when I was having a roller coaster of a month. Back in May, I was still floating on air from my first ever trip to NYC but at the same time I was super stressed out because of money. (It’s always money 😒)

Even though I was on a super tight budget, the opportunity came about for me to attend the Beyonce concert in Dallas. It was a decent seat at a sold out concert that was being offered to me for less than face value. And it was Beyonce. How could I say no?

Needless to say, I took a road trip to Dallas and saw my idol in concert. It was freaking phenomenal. I was so happy, I didn’t think anything could bring me down.

The concert let out at roughly 11:45pm. I made a call to 911 at roughly 12:05am.

I had barely driven two blocks after leaving the concert when someone rear ended me. I hit my head and ended up going to the hospital. The best night of my life quickly turned into the worst night of my life.

See what I meant when I said I had a roller coaster of a month?

By the time I got home (I do not recommend driving from Dallas to Tulsa immediately after leaving the hospital by the way) I was exhausted. Emotionally and physically. I spent just about the entire day crying and sleeping.

By evening, I mustered up some energy to get off my couch and try to be a little bit productive but the previous 24 hours had just taken so much out of me there was really only one thing I could do.


I busted out a canvas, some paints, and treated myself to some art therapy. I hadn’t really done a painting like this one before. I often refer to it as a speed painting because I quickly loaded the canvas up with tons of acrylic paint so that it was covered with enough to maintain it’s wetness while I worked with different colors.

This was the result:

I was painting with pure emotion. I was angry that my life was stuck in this pattern of the universe seemingly punishing me for having a good time. I was sad that one of the greatest nights of my life, seeing my favorite musical artist, ended in such a horrible way. I was frustrated that on top of my existing financial struggles, I now had to add hospital and ambulance bills to the list.

Having this creative outlet allowed me to get those negative emotions out of my system in a healthy way. It helped me to process my feelings instead of keeping them inside and having them tear at me.

I am so grateful I have this creative outlet and I encourage everyone to find their own because there are many benefits to being creative.

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What are some outlets you like to use when you're having a rough time? Leave a comment!

Have a creative day!