Easy DIY Project Round-Up: October

It’s the beginning of a new month so that means it’s time for another DIY Project Round-up!

October is here so that means it's time to get ready for Halloween with all things DIY! | Ilona Toth Creative

This month is the best month out of the year. No contest. It’s October!!! Not only is it the best month but it’s also my favorite and not just because it’s my birthday month.

It’s Halloween! (which also happens to be my birthday.)

For this month’s DIY Project Round-up I’ve gathered several awesome Do It Yourself projects just for Halloween and all things ~~Spooooooky~~

Have fun, you ghouls!

To ease you into the Halloween fanasticness how about this adorable DIY Halloween Fabric Scrap Garland from Vicky Barone.

These Simple DIY Stand-Alone Ghosts from Modern Parents Messy Kids are so cute it’s scary.

This Head in a Jar Prank is great for Halloween but I’m definitely keeping it in mind for April Fool’s Day!

What’s a holiday without some irresistible cupcakes? Best of Cooking Recipes has 30 Cutest Halloween Cupcakes.

Can’t have Halloween without creepy body parts! Check out this DIY Masking Tape Hand from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Those projects should get you started with your Halloween party planning. If you need more inspiration I’ve got a Pinterest board full of it!


Have fun!


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