Easy DIY Project Round-up: January

New Year. New Month. New DIY projects!

The beginning of the month is always the best time for DIY projects because then you’re set for whatever fun occurs during the rest of the month!

January is a good month for DIY because there aren’t any holidays hogging the decor so the possibilities are endless!

January DIY Project Round-up

I searched the internet far and wide to find some of the best winter DIY projects and round them all up for you. Check out the goodies!

This DIY Marshmallow Plushie by Ann Le is just the cutest!

These would you believe these Oversized Snowflakes by Making Home Base are made out of popsicle sticks?

How about an adorable Winter Snowglobe? The team at Sew Woodsy has one you can make in four easy steps!

Ok, I know the time for tree ornaments is passed, but these Circus Animal Ornaments from Studio DIY are too good to pass up. They look good enough to eat!

And as much as I hate Valentine’s day, I couldn’t pass up this Valentine’s Day Rainbow Banner from Momtastic. It’s so cute it’s can totally be considered year-round decor!

I hope you enjoyed checking out those fun Winter DIY projects.

Let me know which ones you do!


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