2018 Resolutions and Goals

Well, another year has gone by which means it’s time to take a look back on 2017 and update the list of goals, aspirations, and resolutions for 2018.

Last year, I documented some of my goals and aspirations on my blog in an attempt to hold myself accountable but I’m just going to come right out and say it: I failed.

I was reading what I wrote and with every resolution, I couldn’t help but feel like such a failure. I did not complete a single thing I had written down as a goal. I didn’t complete 100 works of art, I didn’t blog three times a week, I didn’t participate in the arts festival, and I didn’t read 2 books a month.

So I started thinking back on my year last year and tried to think of what I did accomplish.

In 2016 I started working downtown, and in Spring 2017 I followed that up with moving to an area much closer. There is just about always something to do down here and I was no longer going to work and going home day after day. My life opened up. I met so many amazing people that I am now glad to call friends. I moved in with someone who has become one of my best friends. I exited my comfort zone and am so thankful for it.

When I think about my year like that, instead of comparing it to my list of goals, then I did anything but fail. Sure, I was disappointed in myself for not sticking to anything I said I was going to do but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Life is about so much more than lists. It’s about experiences and that is what my 2017 was all about.

Now, for 2018, I do want to update some of my 2017 goals and see if I can actually stick with them this year. (But if I don’t, at least I’ve learned to not worry about it)

2018 Resolutions and Goals | Ary by Ilona Toth

Goals and Aspirations for 2018

2017 Goal: Complete (at least) 100 works of art.
2018 Goal: Consistently make time to work on my art.

Instead of putting a number on the amount of art I want to make I want to consistently make time to work on my craft and hone my skills. I’m awful at working on something a lot for a period of time, and then not doing anything at all for a period of time. There’s a deeper cause for this but that’s a blog post for another day. I would like to say I’m going to work on my art for a little bit every single day but with working two day-jobs I know that’s not realistic so as long as I make more consistent time for my art I will be satisfied.

2017 Goal: Blog three times a week.
2018 Goal: Blog once a week and send out an email newsletter once a month.

Blogging three times a week was very ambitious. It’s possible but in addition to everything else, I want to do it wasn’t realistic. That’s why for 2018 I’m going to cut it down to one blog post a week and one email newsletter a month. Since starting my email list I’ve promised monthly art downloads among other things. I have failed at that and my email subscribers deserve better.

Goal for 2017: Participate in my first ever arts festival.
Goal for 2018: Participate in my first ever arts festival.

So, this goal is not changing. I am 100% determined to participate in the Blue Dome Arts Festival. Last year, I ended up not participating because of lack of funds but I have already taken measures to start saving more money so I can afford all the little things I will need to make the weekend a success.

Goal for 2017: Read two books a month.
Goal for 2018: Read two books a month.

Another goal that I’m not changing this year. I love reading. I love exploring new worlds and seeing things through the author’s eyes. I can’t remember actually reading many books at all last year and it’s very disappointing. This year I am determined to change that. I’m currently reading Joyland by Stephen King and it’s reminding me just how much I love reading.

If you have any book recommendations drop them in a comment below! I love hearing about what other people are reading!

New Goal for 2018: Make better use of my time.

Part of the reason why I didn’t stick to any of my 2017 goals was that I didn’t make good use of my time. I let other things distract me. I told myself that it’s totally fine to spend the day in bed because I work two jobs and I need some self-care (which is true but there’s a line.)

So for this year, I am ready to stick to my guns and make better use of my time. In fact, I’m currently writing this from a coffee shop next to where I work. I came here when I got off instead of going home immediately because I know that had I gone home right away I would have crawled into bed and turned Netflix on.

So here we go. 2018. I am committed to doing the dang thing and I am ready to see what other experiences I can cook up this year. I hope you’re ready to come along for the ride!


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