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10 Simple Ways to Use Washi Tape

10 Simple Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi tape is a super cute and inexpensive way to put your personal touch on just about anything.

It’s a popular crafting tool and you’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest with some awesome DIY projects. The problem with those is that they often require special supplies or they’re pretty involved with a lot of steps. Washi tape is really easy to handle but if you’re like me, you like certain projects to have maximum results with minimum effort. So I've put together 10 simple ways to use washi tape with items already in your house!

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Ways to use washi tape.

The only thing I bought for these projects was the washi tape itself. Everything else I found by wandering my apartment and looking for things I could spruce up with some color. I hope you're ready for some awesome yet easy ways to use washi tape!

Create a Washi Picture Frame

Washi tape picture frame

Do you have some pictures you’d like to put up on a wall but can’t find a frame that matches the look you want? Create your own frames with whatever washi tape you feel like!

I just put the tape straight onto the pictures and stuck it straight to the wall but if you have a frame that needs updating washi tape would be perfect for that as well! Make sure you're taping on a clean, smooth surface. If your walls have texture to them the tape may not stick very well.

The good thing about making frames this way is that it’s super easy to make changes and readjustments without putting a bunch of unnecessary holes in your wall!

Design a Washi Pencil Cup

Washi tape pencil cup

I have a lot of pencils and other long, skinny, stick-like utensils that need storage on or near my desk and instead of sticking them in a boring plain cup I decided to use washi tape to add a pop of color.

I just found a cup in my cupboard that was the shape I wanted and covered it in the tape I liked. (A cup that is the same size on the top as it is on the bottom works best if you don’t want to wrestle with creases in the tape.)

The tape will stick just fine by itself but if you’d like to make it a little more permanent you could always cover the cup with a coat of Mod Podge.

Washi Label a Mess of Cords

Washi tape cord labels

Cords! Cords are possible the biggest pain about modern technology. There are just so many and having to sort through several to find the right one for your gadget is so annoying. (I’m probably over-exaggerating this problem but let’s just go with it ;)

To make it easier to identify the cord you need you can just use a different piece of tape for each cord!

Washi Cover a Light Plate

Washi tape light plate cover

This is one of my favorite items on this list. It’s such a small, simple way to update an entire room. A quick google search shows that light plate covers range from $5 for ones that are plain to $30 and up for ones that are more extravagant.

Using washi tape for the light plate makes it easy to create a unique look that you can match with other items in the room without having to spend a lot of money to upgrade the plate.

I do recommend staying away from electric outlets for this project. Washi tape is a paper product and you would not want to inadvertently start a fire no matter how cute it may be.

Washi Upgrade Bookshelves and Other Furniture

Washi tape furniture upgrade

This kind of goes hand in hand with the previous project. Take basic bookshelves or other furniture to the next level with a touch of washi tape. For my bookshelf I just placed the tape on the edges of the shelves but if you have enough tape or enough patience covering the entire shelf would look just as cute!

You could also match your furniture with your light plate cover to tie the whole room together. I didn’t match mine only because they are in two different rooms.

Design Homemade Washi Cards/Gift Tags

washi tape gift tags

For this one you might actually have to buy some supplies just depending on what you have available in your house. I had these business card sized pieces of card stock laying around so I used them to make little gift tags. You can make them as simple or as complicated as you like, you can make them different shapes, the possibilities are endless.

Personalized touches like this always make gift giving a little more special for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

Personalize Washi Notebooks

washi tape personalized journals

I have a little bit of a notebook problem. Sometimes I just can not stop myself from buying one even though I have about a million that aren’t even half full. Usually I only buy ones that have a cute cover but for those that I may have bought for school or if it has a less than appealing cover, they can be covered with washi tape!

For this project I just covered a mini notebook that I keep in my purse. The washi tape took the notebook from a plain object to something with personality and charm.

Organize Washi Planners/Calendars

washi tape calendar organization

Use different tape designs to coordinate different types of events in your calendar. Sure you could always just write out what needs to be done on each day but why not brighten up your calendar with some fun designs!

I placed a code in the notes section of my calendar to help me remember what category each type of washi tape represented.

Washi Mark Wine Glasses for a Party

washi tape wine glass markers

Is anything worse than misplacing your glass of wine at a party or drinking someone else’s cabernet when you were having a pinot noir? Avoid these blunders by marking your wine glasses with different washi tape designs.

If you have more guests than colors of tape you can just use a sharpie to write everyone’s names.

Some brands of washi tape are dishwasher safe but I would remove the tape before washing wine glasses just to avoid any clogging issues in case the tape comes off.

Create Washi Luggage IDs

washi tape luggage id tag

I recently went on vacation for the first time in forever and bought a brand new suitcase. The day before I left I realized I didn’t have anything unique to set my suitcase apart from all the other suitcases in the airport. It was already late at night so I didn’t feel like going out to buy something but luckily I had my washi tape!

I wrapped all the zipper pulls with tape and put some near the wheels. You want to make sure to place the tape in several places just in case some of it comes off due to all the loading and unloading on the airplanes.

So there you have it! 10 simple ways to use washi tape using items you probably already have in your house!

Let me know if you try any of these! I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any ideas of your own about ways to use the ever versatile washi tape.